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Elementary School Blog:

This blog was created by two Physical Education teachers from Georgetown Elementary located in Michigan. The home page contains three menu choices: two that will take you to a description of the P.E. teachers and another that describes the shoe policy for P.E.. On the right hand side of the page there are links to other P.E. websites, other blogs from the school, athlete of the month, P.E. news and events, and the bones and muscles of the month. The purpose of this blog was to showcase what the students are doing in P.E.. Some other posts were made to remind students and parents of upcoming events in P.E. and in the community. There were also posts made about information and updates on different fitness clubs and running clubs.

I spent some time reading some of the posts and clicking on the links provided. These teachers have such great ideas! During my elementary practicum, we had a Muscle Madness unit. The unit covered 12 different muscles of the body and exercises associated with those specific muscles. Georgetown Elementary also covered muscles but did it over the course of the year. Each month, they reviewed one muscle. I think taking one muscle at a time gives the students more time to digest the information. I found that teaching 12 muscles at the same time was a little overwhelming for elementary school aged students. Some forgot the muscle names, locations and functions quickly. Georgetown Elementary also picked an athlete of the month. I love this idea! I think its a great way to motivate students and to recognize students that are putting forth effort P.E. class. I will be visiting this site again to get more ideas!

Here are some links to posts I liked:

Middle School Blog

I was drawn to this blog because of the title “The Plugged in Portable”. I figured it had something to do with integrating technology in the classroom which is very fitting for this class! The home page contains a class calendar, links to student blogs, and posts that contain pictures of students using technology in the classroom with descriptions of what the students are doing. This blog was nominated in 2010 for the Best Class Blog. The purpose of the blog was to showcase how the students are using technology in the classroom. The teacher who created the blog states that he “wanted to keep students engaged and create instruction relevant to the 21st century learner”.

I loved how each student in the class had their own blog. Their blows showcased the work they were doing in the classroom. This is a great way to show student progress and their accomplishments. It’s basically an online portfolio. The teacher had some really creative ideas on how to use technology to enhance student learning. The teacher posted a favorite quote, “If we teach today the way we were taught yesterday, no one will ever be prepared for tomorrow.” -d_martin05- (Twitter Handle) and said that schools needed to provide students with learning experiences that will help them in the future. I agree with the quote and his post. Technology is a huge part of our lives and we should be teaching our students how to use it to its full potential. My favorite post was about using Skype in the classroom. This teacher had students who were going to be absent, ask if they could be apart of the discussion through Skype! Awesome idea! I would recommend reading this blog!

Link to this post:

High School Blog

This is a blog that showcases art work from students in Art One, Computer Art and Art History high school classes. The home page of the blog has a link for each of the classes and links to each students’ personal blog. The students’ blogs are used to showcase their projects in the art class. The blogs are used as a portfolio for the students. I really enjoyed reading this blog. There are so many creative projects ideas! I’m not very artistic but I would have loved to have taken these classes in high school. The art teacher created a project that combined the skills and creativeness of all three classes. The art classes collaborated with a kindergarten class in a nearby school. The kindergarteners drew pictures of monsters, the Art One class recreated them in 3D and the Computer Art class created packaging designs for the 3D monster. This is a great way to get the students involved with other schools in the area and to connect the high school classes. Students learn to work together in order to complete one project!

Link to project:

I think blogs are a great way to showcase student achievement! I could see myself creating a blog to keep parents, students and the community updated on what was going on in P.E.. I love the idea of student blogging. It might be hard for students to keep a blog in P.E. because of not having access to computers during class, but I think it would be a great way for students to keep track of their goals and accomplishments in P.E.. I also would like to post pictures of the students participating in activities!

I would share the blog with other teachers to keep them updated on things happening in P.E. but to also show them how their students are doing. I hope that my blog would inspire them to create one so that I can follow what the students are doing in other classes. If I know a class is working on solving addition problems in math class, I could create a fitness activity that requires the students to use addition. As educators, we have been encouraged to cross curriculums in our classes. Blogs are a create resource to keep up with the students in other classes and for us to determine how we can incorporate other subject areas into our classes.

One thought on “Classroom Blogs

  1. I enjoyed looking through all the blogs you chose to look at but especially liked the first one from P.E. in Georgetown Elementary. I think blogging can be such a great way to get information out and positevely expose your P.E. program. I also thought the athlete of the month idea was really good it is a way to give students recognitioon and they could share the blog with family and friends. Your ideas about using other subject areas are really good, and my mentor teachers have talked to me many times about the importance of incorporating other subjects into class. I plan to subscribe to this blog as a resource for me in the future.

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