Educator Blogs

The P.E. Geek:

This is a blog created by a P.E. teacher in Australia. He created this blog to inform others about ways to use technology in the P.E. classroom. His blog contains links to a variety of websites and applications. Each form of technology he mentions has a description and a review for it. He is passionate about the role of technology within teaching and learning. He states within his blog that he believes that technology  can shape new teaching pedagogies. I agree that technology has created a different way of teaching and may meet more individual needs. I found this blog fascinating. His current post is titled, “Top ‘Apps’ for P.E. Teachers-Part 15”. This post contained links to different apps and a description of each one. This post was “part 15” so there were many more posts about these apps. After reviewing some of the apps listed on his blog, I looked on iTunes to see if I could download a few! There are a couple I could use for coaching as well as in the classroom! In April, he posted a P.E. Apps Presentation. It is a powerpoint presentation that he presented at a conference on the use of mobile applications in P.E.. At the end of the post he gives permission to download, use and remix the presentation as you see fit! Maybe this could be useful one day?

I would recommend this blog to any P.E. teacher, coach or anyone interested in fitness!


Vermont Physical Education:

This blog was created by a women who was the Physical Education Consultant for the Vermont Department of Education. The blog had not been updated since 2010 but I thought it had some really good aspects to it and was a good example of an educator blog. Some of the posts were updates and reminders for P.E. events in Vermont. What I liked most about the blog were the posts about new research, issues, trends and government actions concerning physical activity and education. With all of the budget cuts in schools, some physical education programs have been removed. This blog reminds us why it is important for students to be involved in physical activity and to be apart of a physical education program. One of the blog post titled, “New Research Review from the CDC”, summarizes a research study that looked at the association between school-based physical activity and academic performance. The study concluded that physical activity was positively related to academic performance and that the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) recommend schools keep P.E. programs. I think it is important for educators to be aware of the latest research in education. This was a great way to showcase how important P.E. really is in schools. I was inspired by this blog to add information and links about new research, issues, trends and government actions concerning physical activity and education on my blog!


Upside Down Education:

This blog was created by a sixth grade teacher from Alabama. The purpose of this blog was to describe what was happening in her classroom, in education and her thoughts/ideas about teaching. At first glance, this blog doesn’t seem very interesting. It does not catch the readers attention due to the lack of pictures and color. However, if you give it a chance, the author does have some good points about some current issues and hot topics concerning education. It is interesting to read others opinions on different aspects and issues with education. Below are links to three postings that I found the most interesting to read. I enjoyed reading the posts from this teacher because they were mostly her opinions which was different from any other educator blog I read.


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