Learning Log-Flickr Slide Show

Last Fall, I completed a 5k run/walk with Shiloh Middle School’s “Girls in Motion” fitness club. The club was created by the P.E. teacher with the mission of getting girls to participate in physical activity twice a week for one hour after school. The P.E. teacher decided to do a “couch to 5k” with the girls. They set individual and group goals and created a training program. The girls worked so hard for weeks and were excited about the race. Race day came and all of the girls were able to complete the 5k! Some even got awards!

This follows along with the P.E. curriculum standard 4.0 Exercise Physiology; Components of Fitness. The standard is about evaluating the components necessary to design a fitness plan. The objectives are to: 1. Predict activities that maintain or improve the specific health-related fitness components: cardio respiratory endurance/aerobic capacity, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition: 2. Identify, compare, and implement the components of a fitness plan such as: goals, baseline scores, and physical activity log.

The students created a fitness training program in order to improve cardiorespiatory endurance/aerobic capacity and would demonstrate this by participating in the 5k. Flickr allows me to organize photos from the event. The slide show showcases the pictures of the girls before the race, during the race, stretching as a group at the end and then being awarded for their efforts! I could use this slide show to show the girls how goal setting and making a fitness plan helped them accomplish their goals. I could also show the slide show to other students in hopes to motivate them to join the club. For P.E. class, I could have students make their own Flickr slide show of them accomplishing a goal they have set for themselves or what they are doing to improve a specific health-related fitness component. The Flickr slide show aligns with the NETS-S standard #1 Creativity and Innovation (a) apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas, products, or process. Students can take the knowledge of how to improve their fitness to create a plan that will accomplish that goal and use Flickr to show the steps they took to do so.


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