I created a slideshow using PhotoPeach that is intended for a 6th grade Physical Education class. The slideshow would be used as an introductory activity for a lesson on sportsmanship. Maryland standard 6.0 Social Psychological Principles objective (2) states that “students should be able to choose and use problem-solving techniques which maximize personal potential and demonstrate sensitivity to the rights and feelings of others while promoting good sportsmanship”. The state standard focuses on students being able to demonstrate good sportsmanship behavior while participating in P.E..

I would show this slideshow at the beginning of a lesson on sportsmanship to get the students thinking and motivated about the topic. The slideshow starts with a quick quiz to assess knowledge of the topic and to have some student interaction. The quiz is followed by a few examples of professional, olympic athletes and children showing good sportsmanship. At the end of the slideshow, students will participate in a think-pair-share activity. They are asked to share with a partner examples of how they will show good sportsmanship in P.E.. The goal is for students to show this behavior in and outside of P.E. class.

One thought on “PhotoPeach

  1. What a great video…I really like the music. It made me feel like I should be in a working hard montage of a sports movie…I think this would really get kids attention.

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