Learning Log- iGoogle


I created a iGoogle page with a tropical theme! My iGoogle page includes:

  • Livestrong Fitness Tips
  • Google Reader
  • Gmail
  • Google Docs
  • Twitter
  • Date & Time
  • Calendar
  • To-Do lists
  • YouTube
  • SI.com
  • Sport Scores
  • Ravens
  • Orioles

Did I go overboard? 

While completing most of the assignments throughout this course, I have needed multiple windows open on my computer. This quickly got annoying switching back and forth from window to window. It also caused my computer to freeze multiple times. This is one of the reasons why I LOVE iGoogle. It allows me to organize all of my online “stuff”. I no longer need to have so many windows open at a time; it’s all packed into one. I also really like how I don’t have to log into multiple sites because iGoogle does it for me! I love how organized and easy it is to look at multiple sites at one time. This is useful when it comes to all of my personal and professional online “stuff”. 

iGoogle can support me in teaching/learning in multiple ways. I have already mentioned the big one: organization. I am able to organize my teaching resources on one page. While teaching, I could just pull up my iGoogle page and everything would be right there. I could add gadgets that align with the current lesson or unit. It can also keep me up to date with current issues, trends and information on teaching by connecting me with professional learning networks. The calendar gadget could help me organize all of my plans including meetings, assignments and lessons/units. 

Students could benefit from iGoogle as well. Students can create their own personalized homepage that includes class calendars, to-do lists and assignments. There are also student gadgets like encyclopedias, dictionaries and SAT/ACT word of the day.

In the future, I could incorporate this into my P.E. or health classroom by teaching students how to make their own and how to add gadgets that align with the course outcomes. It could be used to keep fitness logs or food/nutrition  logs by using different type of gadgets. It could also remind students of events or activities going on at the school. Before introducing this to students, I need to do some more exploring and learn more about how I could incorporate this into lessons to enhance learning.

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