Learning Log-“GoodReads”


My bookshelf consists of autobiographies/biographies of famous athletes. I just finished taking a reading class online and am well aware of the need to incorporate reading into content area classrooms . I thought that I could team up with a reading/english teacher and have students complete a reading/writing project on an autobigraphy/biography of a famous athlete. Due to the required 80% activity time in P.E., it makes it difficult to incorporate reading and writing during class. If I was able to collaborate with a reading/english teacher, we could combine two subject areas into one project. I could incorporate parts of the project into P.E. class!

I could also use GoodReads to keep track of books I am reading outside of school. I can share my lists with students to show that, yes, P.E. teachers read too! This would also create conversation about books students have read that are the same or similar to those I read. 


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