Learning Log-Wikis

I reviewed a few wikispaces that were created specifically for Physical education classes.


This is a wiki page specifically for teachers. There are resources for different level PE classes. This is a great resource for lesson planning and example assessments.


This is a wiki for a PE class. On the home page you will find reminders and assignments. There are a lot of links to different activities the students are doing in class. The wiki is a little unorganized and there is a lot of information to look through. I think it is a great resource for students in the class. Students and parents can refer to the wiki to keep up with activities and events in class. This promotes learning because students are able to use the wiki as a resource for different activities and information taught in class.


This is a wiki set up for a higher level PE class. There are exam preparation resources, powerpoint presentations, and other resources for each unit. The teacher uses multiple tools to deliver information. There are links to podcasts/MP3 recordings that students can listen to while following along with class notes. There are also links to other helpful websites. I think this wiki is a perfect example of how to use a wiki to enhance learning. There are so many resources for students. The organization of the wiki guides students through the unit. It also seems that the wiki is set up so that lectures are given through the use of this site.

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