Learning Log-Wikis

I reviewed a few wikispaces that were created specifically for Physical education classes.


This is a wiki page specifically for teachers. There are resources for different level PE classes. This is a great resource for lesson planning and example assessments.


This is a wiki for a PE class. On the home page you will find reminders and assignments. There are a lot of links to different activities the students are doing in class. The wiki is a little unorganized and there is a lot of information to look through. I think it is a great resource for students in the class. Students and parents can refer to the wiki to keep up with activities and events in class. This promotes learning because students are able to use the wiki as a resource for different activities and information taught in class.


This is a wiki set up for a higher level PE class. There are exam preparation resources, powerpoint presentations, and other resources for each unit. The teacher uses multiple tools to deliver information. There are links to podcasts/MP3 recordings that students can listen to while following along with class notes. There are also links to other helpful websites. I think this wiki is a perfect example of how to use a wiki to enhance learning. There are so many resources for students. The organization of the wiki guides students through the unit. It also seems that the wiki is set up so that lectures are given through the use of this site.


Social and Collaborative Media


VoiceThread is an application that allows you to upload images, videos, documents, and presentations. The creator is able to add commentary to the media sequence. The application also allows people to make comments using text, a microphone, a web cam, a telephone, or uploaded audio file right onto the VoiceThread.

This application can be used as an instructional tool for teachers. Teachers can create a VoiceThread on different lessons or topics. Students could view the VoiceThread and make comments on it. This is a way to generate conversations between students about the material they are learning. It also prompts students to create their own questions and communicate with classmates. It is a very interactive tool that will keep students engaged in the learning.

Learning Log-“GoodReads”


My bookshelf consists of autobiographies/biographies of famous athletes. I just finished taking a reading class online and am well aware of the need to incorporate reading into content area classrooms . I thought that I could team up with a reading/english teacher and have students complete a reading/writing project on an autobigraphy/biography of a famous athlete. Due to the required 80% activity time in P.E., it makes it difficult to incorporate reading and writing during class. If I was able to collaborate with a reading/english teacher, we could combine two subject areas into one project. I could incorporate parts of the project into P.E. class!

I could also use GoodReads to keep track of books I am reading outside of school. I can share my lists with students to show that, yes, P.E. teachers read too! This would also create conversation about books students have read that are the same or similar to those I read. 


Learning Log- iGoogle


I created a iGoogle page with a tropical theme! My iGoogle page includes:

  • Livestrong Fitness Tips
  • Google Reader
  • Gmail
  • Google Docs
  • Twitter
  • Date & Time
  • Calendar
  • To-Do lists
  • YouTube
  • SI.com
  • Sport Scores
  • Ravens
  • Orioles

Did I go overboard? 

While completing most of the assignments throughout this course, I have needed multiple windows open on my computer. This quickly got annoying switching back and forth from window to window. It also caused my computer to freeze multiple times. This is one of the reasons why I LOVE iGoogle. It allows me to organize all of my online “stuff”. I no longer need to have so many windows open at a time; it’s all packed into one. I also really like how I don’t have to log into multiple sites because iGoogle does it for me! I love how organized and easy it is to look at multiple sites at one time. This is useful when it comes to all of my personal and professional online “stuff”. 

iGoogle can support me in teaching/learning in multiple ways. I have already mentioned the big one: organization. I am able to organize my teaching resources on one page. While teaching, I could just pull up my iGoogle page and everything would be right there. I could add gadgets that align with the current lesson or unit. It can also keep me up to date with current issues, trends and information on teaching by connecting me with professional learning networks. The calendar gadget could help me organize all of my plans including meetings, assignments and lessons/units. 

Students could benefit from iGoogle as well. Students can create their own personalized homepage that includes class calendars, to-do lists and assignments. There are also student gadgets like encyclopedias, dictionaries and SAT/ACT word of the day.

In the future, I could incorporate this into my P.E. or health classroom by teaching students how to make their own and how to add gadgets that align with the course outcomes. It could be used to keep fitness logs or food/nutrition  logs by using different type of gadgets. It could also remind students of events or activities going on at the school. Before introducing this to students, I need to do some more exploring and learn more about how I could incorporate this into lessons to enhance learning.



I created a slideshow using PhotoPeach that is intended for a 6th grade Physical Education class. The slideshow would be used as an introductory activity for a lesson on sportsmanship. Maryland standard 6.0 Social Psychological Principles objective (2) states that “students should be able to choose and use problem-solving techniques which maximize personal potential and demonstrate sensitivity to the rights and feelings of others while promoting good sportsmanship”. The state standard focuses on students being able to demonstrate good sportsmanship behavior while participating in P.E..

I would show this slideshow at the beginning of a lesson on sportsmanship to get the students thinking and motivated about the topic. The slideshow starts with a quick quiz to assess knowledge of the topic and to have some student interaction. The quiz is followed by a few examples of professional, olympic athletes and children showing good sportsmanship. At the end of the slideshow, students will participate in a think-pair-share activity. They are asked to share with a partner examples of how they will show good sportsmanship in P.E.. The goal is for students to show this behavior in and outside of P.E. class.

Learning Log-Flickr Slide Show

Last Fall, I completed a 5k run/walk with Shiloh Middle School’s “Girls in Motion” fitness club. The club was created by the P.E. teacher with the mission of getting girls to participate in physical activity twice a week for one hour after school. The P.E. teacher decided to do a “couch to 5k” with the girls. They set individual and group goals and created a training program. The girls worked so hard for weeks and were excited about the race. Race day came and all of the girls were able to complete the 5k! Some even got awards!

This follows along with the P.E. curriculum standard 4.0 Exercise Physiology; Components of Fitness. The standard is about evaluating the components necessary to design a fitness plan. The objectives are to: 1. Predict activities that maintain or improve the specific health-related fitness components: cardio respiratory endurance/aerobic capacity, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition: 2. Identify, compare, and implement the components of a fitness plan such as: goals, baseline scores, and physical activity log.

The students created a fitness training program in order to improve cardiorespiatory endurance/aerobic capacity and would demonstrate this by participating in the 5k. Flickr allows me to organize photos from the event. The slide show showcases the pictures of the girls before the race, during the race, stretching as a group at the end and then being awarded for their efforts! I could use this slide show to show the girls how goal setting and making a fitness plan helped them accomplish their goals. I could also show the slide show to other students in hopes to motivate them to join the club. For P.E. class, I could have students make their own Flickr slide show of them accomplishing a goal they have set for themselves or what they are doing to improve a specific health-related fitness component. The Flickr slide show aligns with the NETS-S standard #1 Creativity and Innovation (a) apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas, products, or process. Students can take the knowledge of how to improve their fitness to create a plan that will accomplish that goal and use Flickr to show the steps they took to do so.


Learning Log Flickr Galleries

Village Cricket Shots #3. The Pull Shot


I created a gallery of different types of sports played around the world. There are pictures of athletes participating in Rowing, Cricket, Rugby, Soccer, and Baseball. I would use this collection of pictures to motivate students for a unit on sports around the world. I could have students research these sports or a sport of their choice for a project. Students  would learn about sports that are not played in the U.S. and how some U.S. sports are similar to those played in other countries. Students could Flickr to display pictures they found of the country and the sport to show other students in the class.

Educator Blogs

The P.E. Geek: http://thepegeek.com/

This is a blog created by a P.E. teacher in Australia. He created this blog to inform others about ways to use technology in the P.E. classroom. His blog contains links to a variety of websites and applications. Each form of technology he mentions has a description and a review for it. He is passionate about the role of technology within teaching and learning. He states within his blog that he believes that technology  can shape new teaching pedagogies. I agree that technology has created a different way of teaching and may meet more individual needs. I found this blog fascinating. His current post is titled, “Top ‘Apps’ for P.E. Teachers-Part 15”. This post contained links to different apps and a description of each one. This post was “part 15” so there were many more posts about these apps. After reviewing some of the apps listed on his blog, I looked on iTunes to see if I could download a few! There are a couple I could use for coaching as well as in the classroom! In April, he posted a P.E. Apps Presentation. It is a powerpoint presentation that he presented at a conference on the use of mobile applications in P.E.. At the end of the post he gives permission to download, use and remix the presentation as you see fit! Maybe this could be useful one day?

I would recommend this blog to any P.E. teacher, coach or anyone interested in fitness!




Vermont Physical Education: http://vtphysicaleducation.blogspot.com/

This blog was created by a women who was the Physical Education Consultant for the Vermont Department of Education. The blog had not been updated since 2010 but I thought it had some really good aspects to it and was a good example of an educator blog. Some of the posts were updates and reminders for P.E. events in Vermont. What I liked most about the blog were the posts about new research, issues, trends and government actions concerning physical activity and education. With all of the budget cuts in schools, some physical education programs have been removed. This blog reminds us why it is important for students to be involved in physical activity and to be apart of a physical education program. One of the blog post titled, “New Research Review from the CDC”, summarizes a research study that looked at the association between school-based physical activity and academic performance. The study concluded that physical activity was positively related to academic performance and that the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) recommend schools keep P.E. programs. I think it is important for educators to be aware of the latest research in education. This was a great way to showcase how important P.E. really is in schools. I was inspired by this blog to add information and links about new research, issues, trends and government actions concerning physical activity and education on my blog!

Link: http://vtphysicaleducation.blogspot.com/2010/04/new-research-review-from-cdc.html

Upside Down Education: http://upsidedown.edublogs.org/

This blog was created by a sixth grade teacher from Alabama. The purpose of this blog was to describe what was happening in her classroom, in education and her thoughts/ideas about teaching. At first glance, this blog doesn’t seem very interesting. It does not catch the readers attention due to the lack of pictures and color. However, if you give it a chance, the author does have some good points about some current issues and hot topics concerning education. It is interesting to read others opinions on different aspects and issues with education. Below are links to three postings that I found the most interesting to read. I enjoyed reading the posts from this teacher because they were mostly her opinions which was different from any other educator blog I read.





Classroom Blogs

Elementary School Blog: http://mvankoev.edublogs.org/

This blog was created by two Physical Education teachers from Georgetown Elementary located in Michigan. The home page contains three menu choices: two that will take you to a description of the P.E. teachers and another that describes the shoe policy for P.E.. On the right hand side of the page there are links to other P.E. websites, other blogs from the school, athlete of the month, P.E. news and events, and the bones and muscles of the month. The purpose of this blog was to showcase what the students are doing in P.E.. Some other posts were made to remind students and parents of upcoming events in P.E. and in the community. There were also posts made about information and updates on different fitness clubs and running clubs.

I spent some time reading some of the posts and clicking on the links provided. These teachers have such great ideas! During my elementary practicum, we had a Muscle Madness unit. The unit covered 12 different muscles of the body and exercises associated with those specific muscles. Georgetown Elementary also covered muscles but did it over the course of the year. Each month, they reviewed one muscle. I think taking one muscle at a time gives the students more time to digest the information. I found that teaching 12 muscles at the same time was a little overwhelming for elementary school aged students. Some forgot the muscle names, locations and functions quickly. Georgetown Elementary also picked an athlete of the month. I love this idea! I think its a great way to motivate students and to recognize students that are putting forth effort P.E. class. I will be visiting this site again to get more ideas!

Here are some links to posts I liked:




Middle School Bloghttp://thepluggedinportable.edublogs.org/

I was drawn to this blog because of the title “The Plugged in Portable”. I figured it had something to do with integrating technology in the classroom which is very fitting for this class! The home page contains a class calendar, links to student blogs, and posts that contain pictures of students using technology in the classroom with descriptions of what the students are doing. This blog was nominated in 2010 for the Best Class Blog. The purpose of the blog was to showcase how the students are using technology in the classroom. The teacher who created the blog states that he “wanted to keep students engaged and create instruction relevant to the 21st century learner”.

I loved how each student in the class had their own blog. Their blows showcased the work they were doing in the classroom. This is a great way to show student progress and their accomplishments. It’s basically an online portfolio. The teacher had some really creative ideas on how to use technology to enhance student learning. The teacher posted a favorite quote, “If we teach today the way we were taught yesterday, no one will ever be prepared for tomorrow.” -d_martin05- (Twitter Handle) and said that schools needed to provide students with learning experiences that will help them in the future. I agree with the quote and his post. Technology is a huge part of our lives and we should be teaching our students how to use it to its full potential. My favorite post was about using Skype in the classroom. This teacher had students who were going to be absent, ask if they could be apart of the discussion through Skype! Awesome idea! I would recommend reading this blog!

Link to this post: http://thepluggedinportable.edublogs.org/2012/03/05/the-classroom-without-walls/

High School Bloghttp://apexhsart.blogspot.com/

This is a blog that showcases art work from students in Art One, Computer Art and Art History high school classes. The home page of the blog has a link for each of the classes and links to each students’ personal blog. The students’ blogs are used to showcase their projects in the art class. The blogs are used as a portfolio for the students. I really enjoyed reading this blog. There are so many creative projects ideas! I’m not very artistic but I would have loved to have taken these classes in high school. The art teacher created a project that combined the skills and creativeness of all three classes. The art classes collaborated with a kindergarten class in a nearby school. The kindergarteners drew pictures of monsters, the Art One class recreated them in 3D and the Computer Art class created packaging designs for the 3D monster. This is a great way to get the students involved with other schools in the area and to connect the high school classes. Students learn to work together in order to complete one project!

Link to project: http://apexhsart.blogspot.com/2012/03/monster-round-2-building-packages.html

I think blogs are a great way to showcase student achievement! I could see myself creating a blog to keep parents, students and the community updated on what was going on in P.E.. I love the idea of student blogging. It might be hard for students to keep a blog in P.E. because of not having access to computers during class, but I think it would be a great way for students to keep track of their goals and accomplishments in P.E.. I also would like to post pictures of the students participating in activities!

I would share the blog with other teachers to keep them updated on things happening in P.E. but to also show them how their students are doing. I hope that my blog would inspire them to create one so that I can follow what the students are doing in other classes. If I know a class is working on solving addition problems in math class, I could create a fitness activity that requires the students to use addition. As educators, we have been encouraged to cross curriculums in our classes. Blogs are a create resource to keep up with the students in other classes and for us to determine how we can incorporate other subject areas into our classes.